Haydyn Marina Jackson is a multi-media poet incorporating spoken word, audio, sensory and visual art in her writing practice. The words she writes are intentional. Her work speaks to the sense of new life in industrialized thought processes as they rub up against subtle naturalism and primal landscapes. Through allusions to expansiveness, location, and the body she investigates avant-garde romanticism, tactile textures, and spiritual trust in memory and modernism. She lives in Santa Fe, NM. She published her first chapbook, Storm Surge Interlude, in 2017, with a second chapbook forthcoming, Sleep with Lava Inside.

She founded sensu_speak press in 2016. sensu_speak focuses on concise collections and poety chapbooks, with a conceptual interest in any and all of the following: abstract realism / materiality / minimalism / strategy / the transformative / escapism. Chapbooks published by sensu_speak are limited edition and hand bound, channelling rawness and craftsmanship into the sensu_speak aesthetic.

Haydyn is one of four founders of the Nambé Mill House - a fringe project that is gaining momentum as its community grows. The Nambé Mill House functions as an artist residency, creative workshop and DIY event space located just outside of Santa Fe, NM.

She is a copy editor as well as a content writer for the $$$, with an undergrad degree from Texas State University in Ethnographic Anthropology and Visual Arts.
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